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  1. Guideline support tables will include combined incomes up to $336,000. Previous guideline support tables stopped at combined incomes of $250,000.
  2. Guideline support tables have been changed to reflect current living
    conditions. This may result in an increase or decrease in child support obligations. The table tends to benefit the lower to middle income obligor.
  3. Obligor will receive a credit (reduction) for other child(ren) regardless of the amount of support paid, if any, for the other child(ren). This applies when an obligor has one or more child(ren) from a partner other than the partner for whom the current order is being calculated.
  4. The cost to provide insurance results in a reduction to income rather than an apportioned adjustment to the support order.
  5. There is now a per child cap and an age cap to the amount of child care expenses that a parent is permitted to claim.
  6. The calculation automatically reduces a parent’s obligation by 10% for a parent who exercises parenting time for 90 overnights per year.
  7. The new law revised and expanded the factors that will permit the child support order to be deviated from the guideline support order.
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