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Study puts Ohio at top of list for dangers for dangerous driving

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anyone who takes to the road in Ohio should be keenly aware of the fundamental dangers they may face. Statistics can be important when assessing an auto accident and recent research indicates that Ohio is the riskiest state in the nation to drive. Because crashes can happen without warning and cause catastrophic personal injury and death, vigilance and caution are important. When accidents do happen, there can be a litany of personal, professional and financial consequences that should be addressed. A legal filing could be needed to recover sufficient compensation.

Ohio is the most dangerous state to drive for the second consecutive year

A website that compares insurance, Insurify, found that the state’s roads are the most dangerous in the U.S. Using information accrued from across the nation, incidents like DUIs, an accident in which the driver was at fault, and speeding were all calculated. More than 16% of drivers in the state had at least one speeding citation; more than 13.3% were found to have had a minimum of one accident in which they were deemed at fault; more than 2.7% had at least one DUI. Almost one in three drivers had at least one of these issues.

These concerns have been exacerbated with the significant reduction in traffic due to the ongoing health crisis. Fewer people are expected to travel over the holidays meaning the roads might be clearer and drivers could feel emboldened to push the envelope with their behaviors. That could be the catalyst for speeding, driving under the influence, using handheld devices, and other potentially risky activities. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), fatal auto accidents in general rose by 20% through June of 2020 when compared to the same time in 2019. This coincided with a 17% reduction in miles driven. As for Ohio, there was a 6% increase in fatalities through Dec. 18 when compared to 2019.

After an auto accident, it is wise to have legal advice

This information is worrisome to people on the Ohio roadways. When there is a collision and personal injury or death, people can face inordinate challenges including the need for medical care, rehabilitation, the inability to get back to work, and long-term concerns. It can be exorbitantly expensive and spark extensive issues for a person and a family. Insurers might try to preclude a potentially costly legal filing by offering a settlement. That offer is frequently far less than what would be acceptable. Before making a mistake and accepting an insufficient offer, it can be beneficial to consult with an experienced legal professional to assess the case and take the necessary steps for a claim. Calling for a consultation is a wise choice.