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The dangers of distracted driving for car accident victims

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving can result in motor vehicle accidents that cause injuries and death. In an effort to reduce fatal accidents related to distracted driving, the Ohio State Patrol recently released a dashboard website that offers details about distracted driving. Distracted driving, usually because a driver is focused on electronic devices such as a cell phone, can result in fatal car accidents and accidents that injure victims.

Distracted driving dangers

Since 2016, Ohio has experienced greater than 70,000 car crashes that can be attributed to distracted driving with greater than 2,000 of them resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. During the same time period, Ohio state troopers have issued greater than 24,000 distracted driving tickets to distracted drivers. The new dashboard provides specific data on distracted driving throughout the state.

Protections for victims of distracted driving

Drivers are increasingly distracted which can result in serious car accidents and liability for distracted drivers. Distracted drivers who cause car accidents can receive citations but may also face significant liability for the injuries and harm suffered by victims or their families. Civil liability for a distracted driving-related accident can be significant.

A personal injury claim for damages can hold a distracted driver accountable and may help victims recover compensation for damages the distracted driver is liable for. Through either a personal injury or wrongful death claim for damages, injured victims or family members who have wrongfully lost a loved one because of a distracted driver can pursue compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages left the wake of a careless distracted driver.