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Why its important for young parents to have a will

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Estate Planning

Death is not something that young people usually think about in Ohio. It is something that they may know is going to happen, but it is also something that they hope is not going to happen for a long time. Their focus is usually on their current lives. This is especially true for young parents, who are focusing on raising their children and not on planning for what will happen after they pass away.

There are few guarantees in life though and people do not always know when they will pass away. It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. If this occurs young parents may be leaving their minor children behind for others to care for them. This is why it is important for young parents to have a will even if they do not have large amounts of assets to pass onto their children at the time.

How courts appoint guardians of children if parents pass away

Parents are able to name the individuals who they want to care for their children if they pass away while the children under still minors. These individuals are called guardians. The law says that every child who is a minor must have a guardian if they no longer have living parents.

The courts need to appoint guardians in these situations and typically they start with family members. However, the parents of the children may want certain family members to be the guardians or sometimes may want friends to care for their children instead of family members. Being able to name the people they wish to be guardians if they tragically pass can provide some peace of mind knowing their children will be properly cared for even if they are not there any longer.

When people think about drafting a will in Ohio, the main thoughts are about passing their property on to certain people when they pass away. However, being able to name a guardian for their children may be the most important aspect of a will for young parents. Experienced attorneys understand how to draft wills to include the appropriate guardians and may be a useful resource.